Dental Implant

The best dental implant clinic is Dr. Mohan's Dental Clinic. When choosing to move forward with dental implant surgery, many worry about the level of discomfort they may experience. Because dental implants feel and look normal in the mouth, they are an excellent restorative option for those with broken, fractured, or missing teeth. We work closely with patients throughout the entire process of creating individualized treatment regimens that are customized to meet their unique needs. The implant process is painless overall. A lot of individuals say that receiving a dental implant hurts less than having a tooth out. To make patients comfortable and numb the gums surrounding the implant location, we apply local anesthetic.

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  • Dental Implant in Prashant Vihar
  • Dental Implant in Shalimar Bagh
  • Dental Implant in Rohini
  • Dental Implant in Pitampura
  • Dental Implant in Ashok Vihar
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